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Good Cindy Bad Cindy

“Good” Cindy Sower is a community leader and the Sun Valley Neighborhood Council President. She is a member of the Community Police Advisory Board and is a local business owner in Sun Valley. Mrs. Sower is loved by the community, respected by the LAPD, and appreciated by the Council Office for being such an amazing selfless individual. The last decade is living proof of Mrs. Sower giving to the community selflessly. Pictures speak a thousand words so we have included some of the pictures from the past year to show her accomplishments.

Good Cindy put a team together to help the Foothill LAPD officers on Christmas Day/Eve by donating coffe and pastries to the officers working on Christmas to show appreciation and gratitude for Law Enforcement.

Councilwoman Nury Martinez has spearheaded the Human Trafficking Awareness Month for the Human Trafficking survivors collecting thousands of toiletries, including hair products, toothpaste, and so much more. Guess what? Yup. Good Cindy couldn’t sit still. She had to get up and fight for the human trafficking survivors by putting together a team and activating her neighborhood council to participate in such a worthy cause. Good Cindy’s leadership helped donate multiple boxes and bags of items for the human trafficking survivors. She did such a great job that Councilwoman Nury Martinez stopped by to pick up the items herself and show her appreciation to Good Cindy.

Wait it’s not over yet, Good Cindy heard that a retirement home was in need of something. She didn’t know what so she stopped by to ask and listen. Walking out with a goal of collecting lotion for the elderly because that is what they requested the most. Other than good company of a friend, the elderly wanted lotion so Cindy went to work to ask her community and family/friends to donate lotion bottles.

Good Cindy has been doing soooooo much community outreach that we would need to do a whole edition paper just to mention all the good she is doing in her community. Just to mention a few more projects Good Cindy is involved with are Sunburst Youth Academy Street cleaning event with the LAPD. Delivering Gift baskets to the Los Angeles Fire Department on Valentine’s Day. Good Cindy helps the Girl’s Scout sell their cookies. Good Cindy helps keep the Lankershim Corridor clean and prostitution at a minimum by working with local businesses to have business watch on the Lankership corridor.

Observing the Cindy’s of the Valley we have to say that the Good Cindy is actually the Best Cindy in the Valley! Sun Valley community is blessed to have such an amazing leader. Best Cindy is respected by all and loved by all.

Bad Cindy.

Bad Cindy is just a bad Cindy giving all Cindy’s a bad name. Bad Cindy Cleghorn has been hurting the foothill community for over a decade now. She has held every position in the STNC and the Chamber by force by having a team of crooks to vote her in and support her in her wrong doings. After a decade of hurting and destroying the Sunland Tujunga Communities, the community finally  has woken up to her ill doings. The Sunland Tujunga Chamber of Commerce finally has removed her from it’s board and the executive board to have freedom from the self serving Bad Cindy. Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council was doing good because they no longer had Cindy on it’s executive board or the STNC board. However, Bad Cindy wasn’t going to let go that easily. She is still the Chair of Land Useless Committee with members that are her puppets and vote to her wishes. People have been in the Land Use Committee for years and have been pushing their own agenda on the community by force.

The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment was formed to help the communities of Los Angeles forming Neighborhood Councils to be the liaison between the community and the city. Some people like BAD Cindy have taken advantage of the knowledge they have gained from the city and instead of working with the community and helping better the community. Bad Cindy and Her gang have used their knowledge they have gained from the city to selectively prosecute the local businesses and contractors she doesn’t like or is against. Almost every Armenian contractor or business owner that has gone in front of the LUC has been turned down the first time around.  At one point Bad Cindy became President of Councils which she implemented the neighborhood council no written rule and no bid contract to her PRINTING company. Bad Cindy has been milking the system for over a decade by making sure the print jobs from the neighborhood councils come in long after she has been removed/voted out from the NC. The City Clerk and DONE should look into all the printing jobs that have been paid out to C & M Printing.

Bad Cindy has been known to not like the Latino and Armenian communities. She has done everything in her power to scare off, hurt, harm, destroy, and chase away local businesses owned by Latinos and/or Armenians. Many businesses have been hit with fines and violations since Cindy has been the Land Useless Committee chair. Her ill motivations have rubbed off on a few others in the community who have been part of the destroying and dividing of the communities. However the divide and conquer method has been working for Bad Cindy for over a decade,but not anymore. She is now EXPOSED. Bad Cindy has many honorable titles such as “Cindy the Snake” and “Devil in the Hills”.

Bad Cindy has been doing everything to self serve and benefit herself. She has burned many bridges and pissed off many elected officials. Bad Cindy has been taking money from the city to put on FREE events because if the city sponsors an event, than the event can’t charge entrance fees. You guessed it. Bad Cindy through her Sunland Tujunga Shadow Hills Community Fund has charged at the door and pocketed the money for herself and her friends. Earning the title “Cindy the Snake” wasn’t easy for her, she really had to put in work for herself and destroy lives to deserve such title. Bad Cindy also has a pet named “Pati the Rat” who she sends on jobs of destroying businesses. Not too long ago you might have seen the video that surfaced “Pati the Rat” get caught red handed turning in local businesses.

It is with pain that I had to write about Bad Cindy. Just the thought of her makes me want to vomit. What can I say. Bad Cindy is not going away folks. She has chosen to fight til she wins not realizing she has been on the losing end for the past 2 years. Her boy toy Mark has asked her to move away and not be humiliated and exposed. She doesn’t listen. After a decade of self serving, Bad Cindy may actually be the most hated community member in Sunland Tujunga.

Bad Cindy can now be referred to as Evil Cindy. Evil Cindy the Snake must move on and stop hurting the community. The citizens who work so hard to put food on the table should not be hurt for Evil Cindy’s satisfaction. As a picture speaks a thousand words. We have provided a collage of Evil Cindy pictures. Hope it doesn’t hurt your eyes.




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