#ArnieDidit Again – CD7Independent June2018


Arnie Abramyan speaks the truth about people in our community. The Neighborhood Councils to our Chambers and our local organizations.

Let’s start off with our 4th of July Fireworks at Verdugo Hills High School. The last 4 years its’ been ran by the Sunland Tujunga Shadow Hills Community Fund which has pocketed most the money. The purpose of the fund was to donate the money to the Boosters Club or the High School Clubs. Instead chump change was given to the High School Clubs and majority of the money was pocketed by Cindy Cleghor and her thugs. Income of 80K and only $300 went to the High School. One of our local Volunteers has been investigating the Fund and Cindy has been playing her like a violin. Not giving up paperwork and holding private meetings to figure out how to BS her way out of the whole investigation. The City Attorney has been notified and is looking into the case, but we all know how long that takes. On a positive note, Sunland Tujunga Chamber of Commerce has taken over the Fireworks and for the first time this year the 4th of July Fireworks will be FREE to the Community. The High School Clubs will man all their booths and keep all the money for themselves. The Sunland Tujunga Chamber is purely doing it for all the right reasons and is here for the community.

One another note, Doc is going back to court and will get another extension. Sonia is still the chihuahua that she is all over town. Rotary will put on the 4th of July Parade (maybe). Link N Hops has the best BEER in town. Arnie’s has the best Coffee. Myke’s Cafe has good breakfast. SFC Fighting Club is teaching self defense. Munchie’s Mart has Juul’s for $20. Sunland Printing is printing everything in town. Sylmar and Sun Valley don’t have Chambers. Hansen Dam is getting a Farmer’s Market on Sundays. LAPD is doing a great job keeping us safe. Summer is around the corner. Cannabis is legal, so the illegal market is booming. STNC stinks! Advibe.com is designing Websites like crazy. Summer Movie in the Park is coming to our district, again. As usual our Councilwoman is kicking as for the District. She has secured funds and produced results for our district in the past year to make up for lost time when we didn’t have a council member. Vote on June 5th. If you need me to check out anything tag me #Arniedidit.


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