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Social Media for your business or personal use. Many people occupy their time with browsing on social media. This is the reason why there is such a great demand for social media marketing. The social media marketing can give you brand recognition in a few days where before it use to take months to get your name out there. That’s the good news and the bad news, because if something bad is being said about a brand. It can spread in minutes. Also, the “government” keeps tabs on the social media “news” (information).


If I had to educate people on social media, first I would say do your best to stay off social media. It’s addictive and dangerous. Knowing that most people won’t listen to my warning. I suggest making social media work  for you. Spread the word of your business or product. Build your name or your brand name. Even though social media is not sticky, meaning if 200 people click on attending your event, only 15-20 actually show up. It’s because people are flaky and it’s easy to be passive aggressive online.


Which social media is better for me or my business? All, are good is the answer. It’s how you use each one and if it’s for business or personal use. I recommend LinkedIn for business and professionals. Facebook is middle age people and family social media. Twitter and Instagram are for younger generation and instant media which has picked up momentum in the recent years. “Soon there will be two kinds of businesses, businesses online and businesses out of business.” is a fact. Amazon is killing most retail businesses. The only businesses that will survive eventually will be food and service industries. Realtors are a dying breed. Online sites will help find a house and buy/sell a house cutting out the middleman. Also, just like TV companies in America. We had most the TV manufacturers located in America, now not a single TV is made in America. We have multiple TV’s in our households, but not a single TV is made here.

Now upload a pair of boobs and you’ll get many likes and hearts from your male friends. Guy’s I don’t recommend trying this yourselves.



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